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If you’re a regular reader, you know that I have a lively sense of play!  I don’t go in for the automatic Female Superiority thing.  I am the Experienced Mistress and consider Myself a Femdom.  After all, I have a pussy so I do make the rules ~laughs~ but that doesn’t make Me automatically *better* than you are.  I know that you aren’t fully responsible when I’ve got you in a cock teasing cock control session.  I take that into consideration when I’m dealing with you.  ~grinz~

Mistress doesn’t mean bitch

I can and will be professional, courteous and even sweet outside of our session.  Please don’t get confused!  There’s a big difference between a Mistress and a bitch.  I have said often that I think male submissives are actually quite strong and I know that submission is a Gift.  BUT, I have to admit, I love the power exchange play involved in the wicked mindfuck of erotic humiliation.     That said, let’s talk about a really naughty humiliation of someone who calls himself a pathetic loser!

Humiliated for Mistress enjoyment

Sometimes it is enough to know that you are able to please your Mistress simply by making Me laugh!  And you DO make Me laugh!  Some of the people that make Me laugh the hardest are the ones that get hard when called a loser.  Ah HA!  Are YOU pathetic?  Are you a loser?  Did your dick get hard reading that?

Pathetic loser humiliation

Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Let’s meet the pathetic panty pervert!  He’s such a pervy creature!  AND, he is a slave to pretty girl panties!  ~laughs~  Oh YEAH, these sexy panties make him crazy!  There are so many of you who get hard yearning for My panties.  But this ONE pathetic loser is very special because he made Me laugh so hard!   Imagine the voice saying, in a serious yet gleeful tone, “Mistress, I’m such a pathetic thing!”  “Oh!” I answer, “Tell Me exactly how pathetic!”

And the full story comes out!  I mean the FULL story!  ~nods~  WOAH!  Talk about the REAL THING…..a real pathetic loser!


I want to hear YOUR story…..and make no mistake about it…you will tell me the full story!  Then I’ll be able to answer for sure the question:  “WHO is the most pathetic loser of all?”.   I can’t wait to read these comments!  Have at it in the comments section or give Me a call.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia