Many of you know of my *fondness* for lingerie …. so I extend bouquets of gratitude to the talented people at Bracli to bring twin passions of lingerie and pearls into one lovely package and give Me a wonderful toy to describe during Erotic Phone Sex.

The Pearl Thong is a patented design …. the finest lace (stretchy & soft) from France combined with natural pearls from the waters off Majorca … this combo is beyond belief.

For HER … it’s a g-string with pearls from …. ah …. stem to stern.

For HIM … same thing, sort of, with a lace panel in front for his larger …. ah….clitty (~giggle~).

A wonderful caller was the one who turned Me on to the pearl thong for boys and I, of course, immediately went into the Community Kink Chat Room and told all the bois and grrls about this fantastic find. I tell you I have rarely seen a more excited group of sissies and crossdressers.


I have to let y’all know about a fun, fun game here. It’s called Pass the Penis. Anything is possible as you are passed around from one Mistress to another. Each of us brings our individual creativity and kinkiness to your particular phone sex fetish call. Calls are at least three Mistresses and sometimes many more and we all love these calls … so will YOU …. this will be an experience you will NEVER FORGET. So, come play Pass the Penis with us!

Until we speak again… good…no wait, be BAD — it’s MUCH more fun !