The chastity cage

Listen to me read you this chastity blog post.

When you’re interested in wearing a cock cage, you will need to get a device.  There are lots of options.  Locking up a penis is quite popular!  ~laughs~  People go into this for various reasons.

male submissive

For some, it is a way of deepening submission to a Femdom who is an Experienced Mistress.  When you submit to a session of extreme cock teasing by your Mistress, you know the sensation of really getting into sub space. There are many levels of cock control, chastity is a logical extension of these sorts of kinky games.


What better way to reinforce your cuckold training and make you obey Mistress than to put you in chastity.  This is such an easy way to exert clear power for a dominant Mistress.  I take away the one thing that you have had for a really long time. ~laughs~


Crossdressers often wear a chastity device to reinforce the femme experience.  This moves any crossdresser or sissy along in the feminization process.  It gives your Mistress control and you WILL obey.

Tiny dick loser

~laughs~  Okay, so this particular category is so much fun when you get to the part about how to measure your penis for a chastity device!

Are you ready?

I guess that’s the BIG question.  ~laughs~  How do you serve your Mistress?  How do you express your devotion to a beautiful woman?  How submissive are you willing and able to be for Her?  SHE might just answer for you!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia