Women laugh at your pin dick.

Listen to your small penis humiliation.

Until I get back on the phones, I’ll give you some phone humiliation to think about, and you know I’ll be laughing about this.  Are you ready?  Mmmmm, I think you are.

You know you have a small penis when a super polite woman tells you she is suddenly … ahem …. busy, or just isn’t ready to commit to serious dating.  She’s the woman who is being polite.  Size DOES matter to a woman.

The not so compassionate woman will be like…. WTF, that’s waaaayyyyy to small to be in my pussy!

Either woman will do THIS once she’s away from you.  She’s on her phone calling or texting her girlfriends about the loser and his tiny dick.  We ALL laugh at you and yours!  So, here’s a laugh just for you!

Here’s a pin dick joke.

Question: Where can men with pin dicks find younger, sexy women who are interested in them?
Answer: In a bookstore under fiction.
Seriously, a small penis IS a laughing matter.  You know who you are. Awww, you’re still single, aren’t you?  Poor dear, NOT.  I’m having a great time on my vacation. How is your summer going?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia