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I’ll admit it, I love to hear you beg.  There are so many ways for you to beg but the simple words, “please Mistress” are sooooooooo delicious!  These are just three types of begging, but there are many more!  I want to know what makes YOU beg!

SPH begging

When you are into small penis humiliation and you beg, you make Me laugh!  I can’t help it, you sound so pitiful and it’s just plain funny to hear!  It can often sound like this, “Please Mistress, let me touch my tiny one.”  Awwwwww.  ~laughs~

Cock teasing begging

When I’ve been teasing that cock and guiding your through orgasm edging for an extended amount of time, then the begging sounds like this, “gasp, gasp, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Misssssssss-tress pleeeeezzzzzzzeeeeee.”

Cuckold begging

Are you a cuckold?  If you are, then you DO know about begging!  I know you cuckolds and you might not even be begging for Mistress!  You know I will quite often cut a cuckold off.  You won’t have any access to My pussy.  When I turn you into a sissy cuckold husband, then your begging sounds like this, “Mistress please may I clean his cock for you?  Mistress please allow me to suck his cock for you Mistress!  Pleeeeaaaassseeeeeee!”

When do you beg to cum?

If you’re a regular caller of mine, then I know your pacing and your triggers and I can hold you right on the edge of your orgasm until you beg for release.  I love to tease and torment you!

Tell Me all about what makes YOU beg!?  I know for some of you, it’s lovely, sexy feet!  For some it’s all about ass!  For some it’s the sexy voice of this Experienced Mistress leading you in your favorite erotic roleplay or x-rated story.   Write it in the comments and I’ll answer you here.  Of course, if you’d like to call and tell Me all about it…..I’m sure I can make you BEG!

Ms Olivia