Pleasure and pain

When you know that you want to submit to a Dominant women there is a part of you that wants to really show your submission. I am a Femdom and I love sessions that include pleasure and pain.

The combo of pleasure and pain begins our dance of Power Exchange.  Some people think that face to face fetish play is somehow more ‘real’ but my experience is that Distance Domination can be MORE intense.

Using pleasure and pain for increasing submission

In general terms, erotic pain from spanking can be sorted into two very general categories:  thuddy and stingy.  I’m borrowing these two groups from spanking negotiations because this Experienced Mistress loves spanking bare bottoms.  There are all sorts of pain play options but the spanking will be used for this example.

Thuddy vs stingy spanking

I’ll ask if you like thuddy or stingy or a combination of both.  In general, the wider the toy, the more thuddy the sensation while the sharp, stingy sensation is caused by more narrow impact play toys.

Examples of thuddy impact play toys

The flat of the hand is perfect for the thuddy sensation although this can also be a bit stingy depending on hand position, etc.  Floggers are generally thuddy.   I have a flogger made from elk that feels like a deep tissue back massage!  I also have leather and suede floggers that can give anything from a medium thuddy sensation to a bit stingy depending on where the tails (and tips) land on the back of a submissive.

Stingy impact play toys

Narrow equals stingy because the sensation is concentrated.  Narrow impact play toys are things like canes, crops, belt or even something like a paint stirrer.

Tell me about you, do you like thuddy, stingy or a combo of sensations?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia