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Here’s a cuckold story about your pretty girlfriend.  I met her at the gym.  She goes to the gym a lot that is why she has that hot body.  Oh, you’re kinda cute in a wimpy, soft sort of way.  You have that beta male vibe … all sensitive and new age and … well, wimpy.

Women say that want a sensitive guy

You’ve probably heard women say, “I want a sensitive guy.”  When women get together you might hear them talk about what a great guy so and so is.  Ohhh, he buys me flowers.  He’s so attentive to my moods and needs.  He kneels in front of me and gives me a foot rub every night.   We like beta males.  We like submissive men.  Really, we do.  BUT ……  think about the origin of the word cuckold.

Beta male in the bedroom?

Most women love having a sensitive guy in our life.  And, I’m no exception.  Neither is your pretty girlfriend that I know from the gym.  While we’re in the locker room I casually ask her what you are like in the sack.  She just shrugs and looks away.  She doesn’t meet my gaze as she mumbles, “Okay I guess.  He’s a … you know … a sensitive guy.”

Sensitive guy versus Alpha Male

I start really talking to your hot girlfriend.  While we say we want a sensitive guy in public (and tell you that) what we don’t tell you is we actually want a hot, virile man in the bedroom.  As we talk, I point out that your girlfriend could actually have it ALL.  You know, have the sensitive guy AND the Alpha Male with the big cock, heavy balls and fucking hot attitude.  In short, she CAN have both – she just needs to cuckold you and find a hot manly man who is everything you, her boyfriend, is not.

Done right, you will accept the cuckold life

I tell her, if she does it right you will not only accept the cuckold lifestyle but you will be thrilled to be her cuckold.

Want to hear exactly what I tell your ‘woman’?

Ms Olivia