** Listen to the Ms Olivia audio prostate milking and chastity **

Welcome back to our Winter Fest and today’s Mistress blog posting for this holiday season.

I told you in the first blog that I wrote, 3 sissy maids, that I have that 12 days of Christmas song stuck in my head, so today on day 8, I’m thinking of 8 maids a milking …. Prostate milking! ~laughs~

Chastity for Mistress

I have you locked in chastity. If you’re on long term chastity, then I will have your chastity schedule that includes a prostate milking schedule. Today I have 8 of my Mistress trainees working on you. The Experienced Mistress will, of course, supervise and do your prostate milking.

 Bend over for your prostate milking

Many people know they adore anal play. Some men in chastity are nervous about the no orgasm part of chastity but anal play is a perfect solution. Perfect for you and perfect for Mistress. I walk you over to the kneeling bench and tie you up. This will be a dry balling prostate milking. Dry balling can be done without chastity as you can hear in the Ms Olivia audio on dry balling on our free audio site Tease Mania.

Mistress in slave’s ass

Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

I might use my fingers. My favorite gloves for anal play are red latex. Red and black are my Domme colors and I might color coordinate by giving you a bare bottom spanking first. OR …. I might use a prostate massager like a Rude Boy or the aneros. There are so many options and my Mistress trainee’s will begin by moving their hands all over your body with some wicked tease and denial. Then, the milking begins.

 Still locked in chastity

You stay cock locked … your cock is so swollen inside that chastity cage as you feel your ass penetrated and then ….

What happens then? You’re never going to hear the 8 maids a milking part of that song the same …. Ever again.  Are you now singing, “It’s going to be a blue (balls) Christmas …. ” ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia

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