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You hot wife or sexy girlfriend makes you a cuckold

Have you ever thought about being a cuckold?  If you have to ask, what is a cuckold, then I’m here to tell you that this is one of the most intense and creative erotic scenes ever!

A woman with Dominant tendencies can easily turn a man into a cuckold.  ~laughs~  Think about it.  She knows that you get so hard when you hear her talk about sex with her past boyfriends.

Maybe she has some girlfriends who have begun to explore the cuckold lifestyle.  Or maybe, her best friend just had an affair with another man.  She tells you that the reason her best girlfriend cheated is because she was bored!  And then your wife gives you a “look.”  What is that look?  How do you feel?

the cuckold fantasy is intense

Maybe she’s gone beyond the thinking stage.  It might be more than just a fantasy.  She took the advice of her cheating girlfriend.  She’s going to go with her on a girl’s night out.  You watched her dress, maybe even helped to zip her into that sexy little black dress.  She’s dressed a bit like a slut, looking like a hot wife, wearing new lingerie that she made you buy her.

You are not invited

You are told to stay home.  You’re not invited.  It’s a girls’ night out.  She tells you she will be home – late.  “Don’t bother stay up,” she tells you.  She gives an enigmatic smile to your stammering comment, “You look so pretty tonight.  That dress is really short.”  You want her to reassure you but she doesn’t.  She turns and walks out the door – leaving you alone.

What happens next?  *wink*

Ms Olivia