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An earlier blog post asked you if you were interested in taking your cock control games to the next level.  Are you?

I asked one caller that question when I sensed that he might be ready for more.  We’d already done a variety of orgasm edging calls and even some delayed orgasm sessions.  These are a series of sessions over several days or a couple of weeks where he called in for some wicked tease and denial cock teasing but each time Mistress told him he was not allowed to cum until I said he could.  He was able to go for several days on self sustained orgasm denial but alas, he just couldn’t last very long!  Naughty boy!  I was so happy to get this email from him:

“Hello Mistress,
I know I have spoken about it before, but I am now seriously considering getting a chastity belt. I believe it will make for more fun both in real life and when I speak to you. I would like to know from you, if possible, what one you would advise me getting, baring in mind when soft my cock isn’t quite as large as when it is hard. I would also like to know if wearing one hurts at all? Thanks so much for your time in answering these questions for me.”

 Does a male chastity device hurt?

How comfortable is a chastity cage?  That’s an important question because you’re going to be wearing it 24/7.  It needs to be the correct fit.  When you have the correct cock cage and the right fit, it will be quite comfortable.  In fact, some men report that they even forget they’re wearing the chastity cage!  ~laughs~  Alas, you will remember when you are being teased by Mistress and your cock is trapped!

How to get the right chastity cage

There are various types of chastity devices on the market.  It’s very important to get the right chastity cage for you. Most are pre-measured and the variation comes from the different sizes of rings used to keep the device attached.  The CB series are very popular.  The CB2000, CB3000 and CB6000 are all being used by male submissives.  There are other brands and styles and you can get them from any good fetish or kink store.  My recommendation is Mature Metal …. and I’ll tell you more about male chastity devices in a future post.

Have you tried a cock cage?  What have you tried and what was  your experience.  If you haven’t tried chastity are you curious about it?

Ms Olivia