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I just realized that I haven’t offered for some time to answer your questions for the Experienced Mistress.

I do this periodically so you can ask your questions and get answers here on the blog.  You can ASK anything.  I’ll decide if I want to answer in a blog comment, blog post or ask that we talk about it on the phone.

Crossdresser question

This blog was inspired by a question from a crossdresser.  I’ll admit it.  I look at other women, of COURSE I do.  First of all, we’re fucking HOT to look at ~laughs~ AND I look for things like fashion ideas, etc.  So, it’s a little bit of leering and a bit of learning!  L & L is even better than R & R.  ~smiles~

Now, I’d like to hear from the guys.

There was a news story recently about this guy who got 100-thousand dollars in plastic surgery to look like Justin Bieber.  WOAH, that’s pretty intense.  I know you’re not going to those extremes but I can’t help but wonder:  Do YOU look at other guys?  Do you want to look LIKE a guy that you think is attractive?  Or, is that a “girl thang?”


I can’t wait to see what you say about this!

Ms Olivia