I love questions about penis size

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, penis size DOES matter.  Honestly, if you have to ASK then ….. laughs …. you know the answer and are probably into small penis humiliation.  Oh, and remember, sensual humiliation is STILL that thrill and sting of your embarrassment.

Tiny guy and his questions

He asks a LOT of questions so I’ll answer them here on my blog every now and then.  Here are a couple questions that made me laugh.
“Do you think it is true – like your experience that after a woman has a big one that she then wants that size?  Do you think that is usual for women?”
Short answer:  DUH!  ~laughs~  So if you have a little dick then even a woman that only has experience with the average-sized penis options will find you … ahem … lacking.  But there’s more to it than mere size.  Your dainty dangle means that you’re a beta male through and through.  There’s no contest between an Alpha male and a beta male.

Make up for your shortcomings

I can tell from THIS question that this guy knows that he has to do something extra to get the attention of a woman — and even more when he’s trying to talk with a beautiful woman.  Here are the questions:
From your experience as a phone mistress or just as a woman do you think small men feel they need to “make up for it”to women they try to date? Do you think women feel that way as well – consciously or sub subconsciously?
Again, short answer yes.  Longer comment — if you have no dick you’d BETTER bring something else to the relationship!  ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia