I know this is late and just barely under the wire for my week for the sexy lingerie auction.  I also suspect I know who is going to get these but I’ll post this and see what happens.  If you want to send in your bid via email you can.  Send your bid to olivia AT enchantrixempire.com.

Mistress panty

I have THREE amazing pairs of panties.  Each sexy panty has a story.  The pink lace boy shorts didn’t stay on me for very long.  I wore these to a fetish event that was also a submissive training party so there were male submissives and sissy submissives and female GG submissives.  Let’s just say, once these pink lace boy shorts came OFF Mistress then they were put to VERY good use.  ~grinz~  I do love my lingerie, as you well know!

Black lace panties

These are so cute!  That little ruffle around the side elastic just kind of bounces as Mistress walks across the room.  Remember it’s not the Domme clothes or the whips and paddles that make a Mistress.  Mistress doesn’t have to be mean, grumpy or stern.  I’m a playful Mistress in these panties and …. well … I’ll tell you more about these panties.  The person who gets the panties, gets the stories about the panties.

Black with pink thong panty

Okay, what panty collection would be complete without black with just little bits of hot pink accents?  TWO pink bows right over my delectable pussy mound and one pink bow right at the t back of the panty.   Did I say they were CROTCHLESS?  ~laughs~  Yes, they are ….. that’s another story.  You get them freshly washed but I doubt that I can possibly remove ALL the extra naughty energy of Mistress sex!  So exciting to any cuckold.

Panty Auction

Place a bid in the comments or send me an email with your bid.  The bids start at $50.  If the bid is over $400 then the winner gets a bunch of special surprises.  I’ll tell you more about that if the bid gets that high.  The auction will last until MIDNIGHT on Thursday October 8th — so you have a very shorty window of opportunity. ~wink~  Ask any questions and happy bidding!

Your Experienced Mistress,
Ms Olivia