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I write about what it means to Me to be a Mistress.  Many of you have written about male submission and being a male submissive.  We’ve talked about how it takes strength to be a submissive.  I’ve been very clear that I feel like your submission to Me is a gift.  I take your cock control sessions quite seriously and look for ways to increase our mutual pleasure!

I am a phone Mistress but I also play in real life.  Now, let’s wade into a lively debate in BDsm circles.  WHO is actually “in charge” … the submissive or the Mistress?

Topping From the Bottom

Some of you have heard the phrase topping from the bottom.  This is the person who claims to be submissive but then (during the scene) begins to direct the play.  The submissive who does this is often called a brat because, well, they’re being bratty!  There’s a passive aggressive flair to this.  This is a not very fun or sexually exciting way to play games.  I don’t like it.

Mistress/sub Relationship

It’s called power exchange for a reason.  The submissive must “give up” power to Mistress and the Mistress must “take” power from the submissive.  I’m really good and intuitive but I’m not a mind reader.  That means that any potential play partner must tell Me what he or she likes.  We’ll talk about limits, likes/dislikes, turn ons/turn offs, sexual scenes, erotic role play ideas, etc.  I ask you questions, get a feel for you and then when the scene begins the job of the submissive is to submit.  If I am off track I’m fine with you telling Me directly what you want.  This is especially important during phone sex calls because I can’t read your body language.  This is different from topping from the bottom.

What questions do you have about the phrase “topping from the bottom”?  Do you ever worry that you do that?  Do you wonder about how to communicate with your Mistress?  Ask questions, make comments and I’ll answer you here or on your call.

Ms Olivia

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