He’s a full-fledged cum eater now!

Listen to my interview with a cum eater.

It wasn’t so long ago that this sexy man had a problem. He had what I call the cum and go syndrome — meaning he wants to eat cum when he’s aroused … but once he HAS his own cum to lick up … well, you know what happened.  The cum eating fantasy is HOT but he balks at the actual splooze slurping.  It’s FRUSTRATING!!

When you want to eat your own cum

WANTING to eat cum is a common fantasy — I bet you’ve thought about it before.  Come on admit it.  You watch the blow job videos and wonder, “Hmmmmm, what would it feel like, what would it taste like, what would it take to make me do it?”  Well, you’re not alone.

Can you relate to this friend of mine who says:

“Although I found the idea of cum eating very intriguing I was suffering from a ‘cum and go syndrome for quite some time.”

This Experienced Mistress is now his cum coach

Almost every first time cum eater will need something.  Sometimes it’s CEI, often it is encouragement, frequently you will need specific guidance for your particular blocks and issues.  That’s what happens during our time together.  He continues:

“During those sessions with you, I actually got quite familiarized with the taste, flavor and texture. thanks to all the great tips from you.”

From cum cautious to cum craving

I don’t have 100% success.  Some people just don’t listen to Mistress.  But, those that do follow my cum eating instructions will get ALL the rewards!  Here’s an example:

“Now. I have now problem of eating my cum, contrary to that I’m craving every opportunity to eat it. I’m enjoying every type of a cumshot.”

Are you ready for your evolution of a cum eater?

Mmmmmm, I know I am!  CUM — good to the last drop.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia