I promise next week (maybe this week) I’ll get back to the flirty, fun, sexy, naughty teasing blog posts along with the intellectual ones!  I promise!  ~laughs~  Right now, I’m trying to figure out the structure and format for Olivia’s Cookie Jar Challenge.  Here I’m announcing the point count of the people who have already started to play this week’s challenge.  I’ll also tell you about a change in the rules right after the point count.

Cookie Jar Challenge Point Count

I love all the comments that you’re doing about your masturbation habits!  I’m a big fan of masturbation, yours and Mine!  In fact, remember that blog post I did telling you how the Experienced Mistress masturbates?  As always, if you want to get into a little mutual masturbation with a sexy roleplay session, just give Me a call.  AND, feel free to stroke that cock to the lovely image of thong panties!  ~laughs~  When you’re done, come back and read the rest of the blog post telling you where you are in the Cookie Jar Challenge.

These comments were all posted on Monday/Tuesday so they count as DOUBLE VALUE.  Posting comments on Wednesday/Thursday counts as REGULAR value.  Posting comments on Friday before 6 pm eastern US time counts as half value.  So, it will always pay to post early.  I posted the contest this week on Sunday.  I might continue posting on Sunday but I will post Monday at the latest 🙂

Here are the point counts so far:

  • chronicmasturbator:   22
  • Alice Wonder:   18
  • Forrest Hicks:   18
  • Steve Zulu:    10
  • magnus:    10
  • castaway:   10
  • 8 inch:    4
  • Peter:      4
  • Bookie:   4

Remember, it’s never too late to try for your chance to put your hand in Olivia’s Cookie Jar.  This Challenge has a top prize of YOUR CHOICE between a sexy photo you will not see posted on My blog, a short free erotic audio, several emails back and forth with Me (this private attention is usually done in a session — so you are getting a session for free) or free IM time with Me.

Rule changes

~laughs~  I’ve got the pussy, I make the rules!  Okay so that IS true….but I also really listen to you and your ideas, suggestions, comments, etc.  Therefore, I’m changing the rule of individual postings.  I’ll keep track of how long your comments are and you get one point for every 100 words.  I like the flow of the LONGER comments and agree with Alice Wonder and others who said don’t break up the comments!  GREAT IDEA and thank you for all the ideas!

Are you enjoying this?  What are other ways to make this fun?  Are you sick of the Challenge blog posts and want me to post some SEX?  ~laughs~

*blows you a KISS*

Ms Olivia