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A special shout out to those of you who are so very generous!  Thank you so much!  I want you to know I appreciate everything!  ~smiles~  Now, I’m going to be discrete here on the blog because I respect your privacy.  But, I also want  you to know just how much I enjoy your *extras*!

Schedule Updates

The first 7-week writing course is done.  I have the next week away from the writing course so I will be logged in during the week all next week.  ~smiles~  And thank you for missing me 🙂  The next 7 week writing course starts the first week of November.  I’ll be off on Tuesday/Wednesday for the 7 weeks.  Here’s my latest schedule.

Holiday Schedule updates

I’ll be off Thanksgiving (Nov. 28th) but I will be *around* on Friday the 29th and Saturday the 30th. ~grinz~  Because when your partner is out shopping we can PLAY, can’t we?  ~grinz~

I’ll be off for the week of Dec. 16th.  I will check emails.

I will be off most of Christmas week but I will be checking email.  I will be taking a limited number of appointments, just send an email to olivia AT enchantrixempire.  Remember, please read my appointment policy.  I might *pop* in for surprise login availability ~smiles~  And I will answer email.

Cock training programs and circuit training programs

Those of you who are enrolled in yummy cock training programs, don’t worry!  You are my first priority and I will take VERY good care of you!  ~smiles~  If you’re interested in enrolling in this hands on (pun intended) experience, just send an email.  If you really want to experience the ultimate, check out cock training by two Mistresses – me and the talented Ms Delia.

Cock Stroker Academy

I will be doing Cock Stroker Academy posts every Monday and I will answer your emails asking for the password to the password protected photos.


How could I leave my girls without reading material?  ~grinz~  There’s always something new for crossdressers, sissies and girly girls.  Should I leave you an assignment?  If so, what?

Cum eaters

Oh YES …. when they say it’ll be a white christmas ~laughs~ they mean YOU!  So, keep up with everything as you are coached to eat cum.

Experienced Mistress

As you know this is my main blog so there will be regular postings on a wide variety of topics!

Ms Olivia