Do you want to talk about your feminization?

Listen to me tell you about secret conversations about things that really matter – feminization, submission and erotic pleasure.

Sex, sex and more sex.  So much of our world is eroticised — from media to advertising to even something like the victory dance in the end zone.  Since it seems like sex is everywhere, why is it so hard to talk about things that matter?  I know there are many biological men who are curious about feminization.

There are some sex research studies being done but even that is a bit on the down low and the funding is not comensurate with the importance of sex in our lives.  Many of these topics end up in secret conversations with your Mistress.

Private feminization by your Mistress

You are not alone.  Part of the dynamic of power exchange and being with a Woman in Charge is that I will lead you — lead the conversation and lead you.  We have these secret conversations because I ask you questions and you give me answers like this comment from a caller:

“Gender is fluid and complicated. The TS community rages when crossdressers call themselves women. That always amazes me. People who do not want to be judged are doing just that to other people.

I have had many TS friends and they have accepted me for what I try to be which is a woman. I remember chat rooms from 20 years ago where the topic of gender came up and it got nasty. If you were not on on hormones and planning to have your bits removed you could not possibly be a woman. A very narrow view of a complicated subject.

I am happy where I am and I think it shows. So if you are s sissy get it out there girl and have fun. Life is short. If it is something deeper then explore you may like what you find.”

Life is short

As we come to the end of this year, let’s acknowledge that time is short.  Let’s talk about your feminization and so much more.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia