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Why Mistress turns him into a cuckold

You’ve been reading an email from a phone sex caller who wants me to talk with his sexy new girlfriend.  He’s in for some humiliation.  First, he took me to task for telling the truth about guys with a small dick.  Okay, listen, you KNOW what is going on.


When she actually takes a look at your package and then suddenly is ohhhhh so busy when you call … ~laughs~ … the fact that women don’t like a small cock is not news to you.  I just told the truth. And you know there’s no erotic turn on quite like sensual humiliation.  There are so many types of phone humiliation I have lots to work with here (so to speak).

Why I tell women to cuckold him

The guy who emailed is worried about my advice to cuckold guys who have a small dick.  Here’s what he says,

It almost sounded like you enjoyed talking to the hot girl in your story about cuckolding her boyfriend. It seemed as if you considered it a sport! Don’t you realize how much he will miss having sex with her? It will be awful for him. Correct me if I’m mistaken but I got the distinct impression that you’ve successfully done this with other couples. You seemed to know just how to recognize and draw out her dissatisfaction. I AM very curious to hear what else you said to the girl in the story … but only her. Please Mistress, not my new girlfriend. I don’t want another man between my girlfriend’s legs. That’s where I want to be. It has been sooo long.

The truth about a man with less than average penis size.

Average penis size is six inches (some say between 5 and 6 inches).  My personal size much larger than average size.  I am a size Queen.  I might accept (or at least try) a cock that is 7 or 8 inches, but honestly it’s got to be really fucking thick AND he must have all sorts of other redeeming qualities.  If you have less than 7 inches … and I know the email guy is less than 7 inches, I will give his sexy new girlfriend good advice.

My Mistress advice will be good for HER.  Awwww, poor guy!  ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia