What is a virtual world?Second Life virtual world Enchantrix Olivia

Listen to my voice tell you about sex in a virtual world.

Play in a virtual world has come a long way!  You no longer have to be or see a clunky avatar.  The animations are smooth and sexy.  I am one of the LDW Group Mistresses who is having sex in a virtual world …. and hot DAMN is this FUN !!!

We can do anything we dream up!  Let me use tease and denial, cock control, as an example.  You know I have a wicked imagination.  Tease and denial is even more fun in our 3D adventures because I am there WITH you.  WOW!

Cock Control and EdgingMistress Olivia virtual world sex sim

When you give me cock control, you give up control of the essence of who you know yourself to be as a man. You experience the ironic freedom that is at the heart of submission to a Dominant woman.

Now, imagine when I literally take control of that virtual cock of yours.  Mmmmmmm.  You are thinking about that aren’t you?

Masturbation in a virtual world

Masturbation games are all about power exchange: the exchange of energy between the Femdom and the submissive.  There are various items of furniture and/or animations that will let me have my way with you … in any outfit I choose!

If you are new to the virtual world and want to combine with with your phone sex experience.  I can help you get set up!  Send an email to olivia AT enchantrixempire.com.  You can also Skype me.  My Skype ID is:  Olivia.800.356.6169.  If I don’t respond to Skype quickly and you see I’m online let me know.  You can also go to the lovely ladies on Live Help and ask them to IM me a message.


Ms Olivia