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Ummmmmmmmm …… I love the feel of My hands right *there* — (are you looking at the photo? ( 🙂 ) … stroking down the sides of My body … down, down, down ….. fingertips feather light against my bustier or My naked skin … reaching, stroking, aching …. waiting to touch …. yearning to touch ….. knowing My wetness is making us BOTH so fucking hot we can barely breathe.

Let’s count down the things that make this Experienced Mistress Hot, shall we?  Ummmm, yes.

#5:  New erotic experiences via phone sex

Do I really need to even explain this?  I am a sensual Mistress … I enjoy, revel in and yearn for experiences that are sensual.  When you call Me …. each new caller is a new erotic experience.  I love that.  Me getting to know you … your sexual kink, how your mind works, what turns you on … what turns you inside out!

#4:  Hearing your moans, hearing your orgasm

This might also be the number one thing that makes Me hot.  Hearing YOU moan as I listen to your masturbation.  I love to listen!  I love to watch and also listen.  The sounds are AMAZING and always cause My fingers to drift down to My panties.

#3:  Rhythm

The various rhythms of phone sex …. maybe it’s the pacing of the call …. maybe it’s the catch and gasp of your breath (or mine) …. maybe it’s the pulsing beat of music … I love rhythm.  I had a caller recently who turned Me on to some new bands …. I love it !  Remember the Theme Song to The Sopranos?  The band is Alabama 3 (A3) and they’re so hot I have to have the album.  In fact, if you want a way into My heart, one way IS music as you can see on My Wishlist.  When I listen to music (I have varied tastes) I often have a physical, sensual reaction.  The callers who actually PLAY an instrument on the phone….omg, you have My complete attention.  The Lip knows this, because ‘nobody does it better than the Lip.’  And, so does that new caller who recently gifted Me with a serenade.

#2 Creativity

Now, you might realize by now, I’m smart and have eclectic interests.  I seem to *attract* interesting people to Me.  A recent caller and  I had a long conversations about Stalin, the 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall …. and, one of My favorite singer/songwriters Tom Lehrer (if you also know who he is and, more importantly like him you HAVE TO CALL, we will laugh and then cum).  So, the creativity prize might actually go to J Deaux who called the phone sex line to READ to Me ….. making this the single most startling phone call in My experience here!  He read Me the forward to one of the Richard Bach books and I, of course, was fairly smitten.  Now, THAT is creative!  There can be all kinds of creativity ….. from your unique erotic roleplay scenarios to the ways you love to show off for Me on cam.  I learn and enjoy YOUR creativity.

#1 Intimacy

The number one thing that makes Me hot is …… intimacy.  Oh boys, it gets a bad rap when you hear a woman say it.  Don’t FRET.  By intimacy I mean when you and I actually connect.  I’m thinking of the caller who turned Me on to *strawberries* today …. our conversations are far reaching and I adore the courage that you show by really connecting with Me.  Thank you.  The give and take of intimate, REAL conversations are a rarity and, as odd as it is, I find I’m having more of those types of conversations HERE than anywhere else in My life (not just now, but at any time in My life).

In the coming days I’m sure I’ll be writing more about this.  Right now, I want to hear from you …. what are the top five things about phone sex that make YOU hot?  Hmmmmmm?  Post a comment or send Me an email.  I’d like to hear from you on this one.

Until we talk again ….. ENJOY !


ps …. I know I didn’t explain about the eating pussy comment in the title.  You have to wait until tomorrow to see about THAT.  Stay tuned!

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