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Did you know that lots of women have a love of fashionable shoes that turns into a foot fetish?  Oh YES!  This might *look* like the lady simply owns tons of pairs of shoes.  But, dig just a little deeper and chances are you’ll find a woman who will love to have her feet and legs the focus of your …. ahem …. attention.

I knew I liked shoes.  I knew I liked getting My toes all painted and pretty.  I knew I loved *showing off* My long legs.  But, all of this really *clicked* when I discovered the foot, shoe and leg fetish community!  This Experienced Mistress has a love of feet and legs just like you do!  And, I know exactly how to torment you with My toes, satiate you with My soles and articulate My and your needs with My arches.  *wink*

Like all great images, how your FRAME the image makes a difference.  Shoes are the frame on a lovely foot.  magnus asks if I have a favorite pair of shoes to show off My lovely feet.  GREAT question magnus.  I like it because it is impossible to answer!

So, as always, I want to hear from YOU!  Instinctively I would say, these sexy red shoes are My fetish favorites.  But ….. hmmmmmm ….. what about all the various styles that can torment you into total and complete submission to Me?  And, shoe styles are just as varied as the myriad of ways I can tease a man’s cock.

For example, I wouldn’t wear these peep toe platforms in an business executive setting.  Even as a Femdom I’ll be in business attire.  Of course, I’ll have My own unique and subtle twist.  For example, I’m the boss, you’re here for an interview, I cross My long legs and slip the heel of My black patent leather stiletto off My foot and just let it …. dangle.  *smile*  I might have you naked in a heartbeat even while I am fully clothed.  CFNM is all about the details, isn’t it?

So, the issue really is….how to narrow down the delicious choices.  When you have a foot fetish there are so many choices that get your *attention*  … how can I choose?

I just finished a book called The Enlightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything.  Just like the final four in sports it’s a way to determine which one of two choices is better.  It’s a simple “this is superior to this” choice.  List 16 choices and break them up into pairs.  The winner of the pair advances to the next round.  The winners of the first round (8) are paired up and then compete.  Then, the four winners of that round.  You’re left with two choices.  Of those two, it is once again simple to do a choice – which one is superior?

Listen to hear My final four and I’d like you to determine which go to the semi-final round and then the winner.  I already did the bracketing and I’ll reveal My choice, but only after you talk about what you like and why.  Click here to listen to the audio of the Final Four choices of sexy shoes to show off a foot fetish.   *wink*

I’m looking forward to hearing about YOUR choices and why you picked the pair you did.  As always feel free to digress.  Who know?  Your comments might just inspire more audios!

Ms Olivia