Your balls are tingling and you can feel that surge of erotic energy pulsing up and down your spine …. coiling and building up speed and intensity.

You’ve felt this way before haven’t you?  Maybe it’s when you first saw the most amazing Woman.  Maybe it’s an energetic reminder of your first love, first sexual experience or a particularly intense physical encounter.  Maybe it’s from the early phases of a too-good-to-be-true relationship as it plunges headlong into the most incredible connection.  Now, you know something that intense will undoubtedly burn out in real life ….. but, doesn’t it feel SO GOOD right now?

You KNOW this feeling.  It is ingrained in the most primitive part of your brain.  As you are experiencing this tingling and flow of energy …. NOW is the perfect time for an amazing session of sweet and sensual phone sex.

What?  You can’t get to the phone?  Ahhhhhhhhh, then you have another erotic option.  From the privacy of your computer or blackberry you can exchange erotic text messages with Me.

I have several longterm and online only relationships.  Sometimes a texter uses a cam and I can watch as I type instructions.  Sometimes I *intrude* into a meeting or business event with a gentle *buzz* in his pants telling him to check his messages.  And, sometimes we play out intricate and erotic roleplays all on Yahoo Instant Messenger !

star baby and I have been IM-ing from the beginning of My time here.  I see *her* pop up on My IM and I have to smile …. especially when *she* is able to do a session with Me.  We’ve explored so much via sexy texting.  *She* has been transformed from the pitiful man *she* was into the most amazing cum slut and all for Me.  *she* works for Me …. I dress *her* up in the sluttiest outfits imaginable and take *her* to the skankiest street corners and other places where *she* receives instructions …. instructions on how to conduct *herself* as the sissy slut *she* in …. instructions on how to PLEASE Mistress …. instructions on what to do NEXT.

It’s ALWAYS a kinky party when star baby is My bitch!

Now, you can also enjoy a delicious 2-girl texting experience.  I just did this with shinyknob and the lovely and talented Ms Courtney (whom I have a semi-secret crush on!).  I knew shinyknob from the Kink Chat Room and it was so GREAT to strip him down and get a performance just for Us!  We teased and watched and encouraged him and shinyknob got …. welll ….. SHINIER!  Imagine that!

Do YOU want to get all shiny and achy and ….. MORE?

Call Me!

Olivia   1-800-356-6169