Sexy texting is HOT!sexy texting with Experienced Mistress Olivia 1-800-721-1962

Listen to my voice telling you all about sexy texting.

I love doing sexy texting sessions.  I love to write (obviously) and this is a wonderful way for you to have a private session with me no matter where you are.

As a matter of fact, while I’m away until Monday, June 11th I’m going to have limited privacy so I’m going sexy texting with a very select group of you.  THANK YOU for coming on vacation with me 🙂

Have you tried texting or an email package?  This is a fantastic option!   One naughty friend says:

Yes, her photos are incredible and she is obviously beautiful, but I didn’t even need that as her phenomenal fast typing and even more brilliant mind was all the ride I needed. Quite simply, Mistress Olivia is the greatest.”

Personalized, private and naughty

Sexy texting allows me to give you all the private time and undivided attention of Mistress you can possibly want.  I will always be happy to chat with you out of session, but just know that I’m multi-tasking and I will get a call that will interrupt your time with me.  That SUCKS (not in a good way) when you’re having an exciting time chatting with me on IM.

Don’t miss out

I love doing creative scenes and I type fast (trust me, that’s a plus with sexy texting.).  Here’s a bit about one feminization scene that I absolutely loved!

Mmmmm, I have a yoga class and I talk you into going with me — you don’t realize I have plans for you — plans that include your total feminization and transformation into my sissy slut and whore.  

reaction from one caller to a feminization scene:

“Your smoking hot yoga class girlfriend all came over and laughed at me, called me every sissy slut name in the book as they all took turns on me with strap-ons and fingers.

When they finally slowed down their giggles, Mistress Olivia let in 2 huge hung muscular men to fuck both my sissy holes at once. All her friends chanted in unison “–REDACTED–”

My clitty stick got so hard, and Mistress Olivia wouldn’t let me touch it until I satisfied both her studs to completion.

Finally, after I was covered in cum, all 6 women pushed me on my back and made me cum my tiny clitty all over me as they called me a tiny dicked sissy slut whore. It was heaven. Mistress Olivia is amazing beyond words.”

Are you ready for Mistress?

~laughs~  Ohhhhhh I know you are!  I do sexy texting sessions on Skype.  My Skype ID is:  Olivia.800.356.6169 — send me an invite.  If you have trouble with Skype, send me an email:  olivia AT  Remember, I’m on vacation right now but I promise to answer your email right away when I return 🙂 🙂

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia