The start of the sissification

Listen to me read this blog post to you.

It all started at the gym.  There are a few guys there who would be perfect for coerced or even willing sissification.  Sometimes I wonder why there are less than masculine men in the gym — maybe they are cruising the real men.  Or, maybe just sightseeing and dreaming of what it would be like to be submissive to a Femdom (or have her make him submissive to a man).

I digress.  Back to meeting my new friend.  There aren’t many women in the “weight lifter” gym, so this particular hot blonde catches my attention.  Oh sure, she’s cute and in her 20’s, but there was something about her that said, she has that elusive ‘something more.’  I’m working out.  She’s working out and eventually we are in the same area — about ready to do squats.

The back of my yoga pants

I’m wearing a wife beater tee over my skintight yoga pants.  The tee comes down, covering my ass half way.  I have custom embroidery on the back of my tee near the hem that reads:  It’s OKAY to look.  That tells the guys I know they’re checking out my cute yoga butt.  I hear a laugh behind me.  It’s the sexy blonde.  She says, “And you know they either WANT you OR the want to BE you!”  I’m startled; it’s such a naughty and feisty thing to say!  I know I’m about to meet a friend!

The sissification idea

We get to talking, and I tell her that I’m the Experienced Mistress.  We begin to look around the gym with a newfound interest.  Oh, there will be a workout for one of the girly guys but it’s won’t be what he expects.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia