Let’s talk masturbation tips for the girly girls

Listen to my voice tell you about femme and sissy masturbation tips for girly girls.phone sex Mistress Olivia panty tease and denial

I got a huge response for the earlier blog post: How to masturbate like a woman.  I think the FULL experience of having a feminine orgasm is a fantastic way to experience your feminization.  Since this is my Anniversary Month, I’ll do a contest.  I want you to tell me how you masturbate en femme.  Winners will get a free personalized audio from me.  There will be TWO winners and the contest is open to callers who call during April.

I heard from lots of you about what you like to do when you’re dressed in female clothing.  Now, lets hear ALL about it.

How to masturbate like a woman:

“My favourite is to be fully dressed – stockings, satin lined skirt, heels, waist-cinching corset. I often put a small, remote controlled vibrator inside my panties, by my perineum. Feels wonderful 🙂 Then I can rub my swollen clit through the satin of my skirt lining and panties, which feels amazing. Sometimes I’m so turned on doing this I just have to have my realistic dildo in my mouth – it feels so womanly to have a thick, hard cock in my mouth while I stroke my clit. And coming like this is AMAZING! It took some practice, but I can highly recommend persevering. I don’t know if this makes me a very naughty girl, but it does feel soooo good…”

A naughty sissy WILL want to have an orgasm

But if you are that naughty sissy then there will be some interesting things that this Mistress does with a reluctant sissy. You might be “reluctant” at first but once you have that first sissy Big O you will want more and will do anything Mistress tells you to do.

Are you ready to obey Mistress?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia