Sissy bitch humiliation

Ms Delia and I have this sissy who is into extreme humiliation.  Luckily for it, Ms Delia and I are thoroughly enjoying being the mean Mistress.  Remember there are many forms of Domination and the strict Mistress is just one option.

While this sort of mean Mistress behavior isn’t who we are in real life or even all the time in our kinky fetish sex play — I’ll speak for me when I say I fucking LOVE to be mean to this caller!  I mean, who doesn’t want to try on another persona and this sissy bitch can take it as mean as we can give … and believe me when I say we are relentless!  What’s the reaction?

humiliation slut reaction

When you’re a humiliation slut, it’s sort of like being a pain slut …. the harder the better!  The words like loser, faggot, idiot, cum dumpster fuck toy, etc are thrilling to a humiliation slut.

Here’s what loser sissy idiot had to say:

Empress Delia and Mistress Olivia,
Your enthusiastic, positive response to O/our session left me convinced, excited, and most of all absolutely THRILLED:
– You had such a FUN TIME enjoying my obedience and entertainment.
– That i, Your it, worthless POS found some form of purpose – pleasing its Goddesses – very fulfilling!
– To face fuck myself with my fingers at Your direction – LOVE orders, assignments, being Your obedient puppet 
– Most of all to have You, my two Goddesses to lead me on this path to be THEIR sissy slave, THANK YOU!!
Yeah, fucking right to say thank you idiot!  Ohhhhhhhh let’s do this again soon … while this type of call isn’t for everyone … if you like it rough, well, you know what to do!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia