The ultimate sissy fantasy

Sissy bride calls Ms Olivia 1-800-601-6975

Listen to me read you this sissy bride blog post.

Of course, you don’t have to be femme to enjoy this blog post but I will be aiming for the sweet and naughty sissified and feminized submissive who yearns to be the bride!  I know for many of my crossdressers this is the ultimate fantasy.

The sissy bride

Many of you know that I am active in the fetish community.  Just like any community, people partner up, fall in love, get married.  Those who get married usually also have a fetish ceremony that is along the lines of a traditional wedding ceremony but, for many, the fetish community ceremony is even more moving and powerful.

Kink community ceremony

I went to a poly and kink wedding recently.  This was actually between a couple (cis man and cis woman) who are both the Dominants over the feminized “male” in the relationship.  Yes, this is one example of a polygamous joining of likeminded people.  The three of them have been together for a long time and they wanted to formalize it among friends so we all planned and then had the event.  It was so beautiful.  The kink vows are similar to wedding vows, unique to the people involved and what they wanted to express to one another.

Beautiful sissy bride!

And she was beautiful!  Yes, that girly girl was in white even though I can personally attest that this naughty sissy was NO virgin! ~laughs~  It was fun and then later in the evening naughty.  You might be surprised to hear that it was also sweet, touching and surprisingly moving.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia