Are you a sissy?

Listen to this sissy girl audio for you.

Labels can be confusing.  The word sissy is very popular these days.  Identifying as transgender is also in the news.  I find there are fewer people who identify as a crossdresser.  There are many labels attached to expressing your feminine side.

Coerced feminization

When I think of the label sissy, I tend to think of someone who is excited by more coerced feminization like a reluctant sissy made to wear lingerie. That’s not to say that every femme girl wants the bimbo type fantasy.  I got a great comment from someone and want to share it with you.

“I fit quite a few of the sissy traits but not all.  To me, it is what is inside that matters. I am always me no matter what the outer clothing might show.  I don`t need the excuse of clothing to feel all girlie.  To me, this is state of mind.

Dressed femme for suck-cess

Dressing en femme can create a particular mood.  Here’s her take on things:

“I dress like the slut I am with my huge breast forms to attract what I am hunting. Only in my later years have I thought about really having a women`s body  To me, dressing en femme was always a means to get sex.”

No matter your label, feeling sexy is ALWAYS a good thing!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia