Ms Olivia sissy lingerie pink pantiesValentine’s sissy lingerie

You have a very good reason to do this lingerie shopping assignment right now.  Valentine’s Day is coming up and you can go shopping!  What femme girl doesn’t love shopping?  ~laughs~  I know I do and I know you do too! ~smiles~  After all, I do love finding the perfect pair of sissy panty items for your naughty closet!

Feminization and panties

When you are coming to me for sissification or feminization, I will ask you a couple questions.  When talking about sissy clothing I will always ask what KIND of sissy are you?  You can be a prissy sissy wearing a lovely super lacy femme party dress!  You can be a slutty sissy with glossy pink cock sucking lips — oh you know you’re a naughty sissy then!  You can be so many different kinds of sissies!  When I know you, then I can pick out the best feminine clothing for you.

Lingerie shopping idea

I have LOTS of shopping ideas and I get lots of feminization shopping ideas from you.  Actually, I think it’s the most fun when we go shopping together.  Let’s add to your sissy lingerie AND have some delightful fun together!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia