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The previous post was about what it takes to be a male submissive.  Since that post went up I’ve heard from phone sex callers who identify as in femme mode or female.  You can probably tell from this blog that I have a fluid view of gender identification.  I know that many crossdressers identify as male but use the crossdressing as part of a session of erotic kinkiness.  There are others of you that identify as female or as a sissy slut who is female (not male).  There are so many variations.  YOU are unique!

Don’t settle for less

I am all about the nuances!  When a potential caller contacts Me, it starts the conversation.  I don’t have *cookie cutter* answers about fantasy phone sex sessions because I’m not a *cookie cutter* person and since you’re reading this blog, neither are you! Most of the Mistresses here have strong feelings about your individuality; here’s a great post by Ms Scarlet about the common question of “What’s your favorite type of session.” See?  We are as unique as YOU are!

‘male’ to female submissive

So let’s explore the complexity of submission …. this time from the perspective of the female submissive!  Chrissy has identified as a sissy slut but in conversation I told her that I see MORE.  Sure, slut is one part of her personality, just like for many females.  Remember My blog post about the Experienced Mistress as an above average slut!? ~laughs~  But, like all people, she is much more than just her intense erotic arousal.  Here’s her email:
Dear Mistress Olivia,
Here is my first attempt to write about what it takes to be a FEMALE SUBMISSIVE 😉
i was most interested to read what all the boys wrote about what it took to be a male submissive but there was a side of me that was not truly relating to their experiences, and it wasn’t until i was chatting in IM with You that i realised what was “missing”!! As You so correctly elucidated Mistress Olivia… i am not a male submissive at all!! i am a female submissive… and NOW, at Your delicious request Mistress, i am going to attempt to describe what i believe it takes for a biological male to be a female submissive.

YOU know what you want and need

i guess the first step was to start trusting those deep stirrings that i have had since boyhood (~giggles~ or, should that be girlhood?). By stirrings, i mean the simple things… the way that, despite being quite a sporty boy, i loved to be around my sisters and their girlfriends because i felt warm and fuzzy in their company.
i liked the way they lay around and chatted about emotions, i liked the way my voice seemed connected to my heart and that i didn’t have to jostle and spa to get a word in edgeways. i also liked the feeling of the winter sun on my skin, and the way the girls would caress each other and comment on their appearance and fashion choices.

The inner life

i also liked the way i felt deep inside… the softness of my heart, the pliability of my ego, and my willingness to undertake chores like making tea or walking to the shops.
i began to realise that my sense of style was more honed than the other boys, that i liked to look good and have my soccer outfits to be coordinated even if it was just to go have a kick in the park. i was deeply drawn to moisturiser and perfumes and long hot baths at the end of the day. infact it was during those bath sessions that i first started trying on my sisters’ friends panties and tennis dresses, gazing at my lithe body and my lovely legs, carefully applying lipstick to my dry chapped lips, gazing into my eyes and feeling kind of alarmed but incredibly sexy!!

The turnon of Feminine Power

Very soon, i began to realise that what turned me on most was the POWER that the other girls had over me, and how much i wanted to emulate and please them… The power the dominant girls had over me back then was based on my deep yearning for them, not only to touch them and taste them BUT to be like them… to laugh lightly and girlishly, to flaunt their beauty, to toss their hair and to enjoy the gaze of the guys as they walked by. However, i knew that i couldn’t be like them because it was taboo BUT i also knew there was something deeper at work. There was some kind of fracture or schism in my own psyche, almost a betrayal of my true nature… and that -in some way that i simply didn’t have the language for at the time- my soul/spirit was being corroded. This was in the early 1980s and androgeny was hip, so i got away with wearing eye shadow and gender-fucking fashion. But the thing is that i was still operating under the assumption of masculinity. Perhaps not main stream masculinity but masculinity nevertheless…. and i was in denial!!

You KNOW what you desire

So i guess that this is a long winded way of saying that i think it is important to be really honest about who you are and where your yearnings for kink come from. For me… being a submissive female goes beyond a wonderfully thrilling and taboo busting spectacle…
this is it SO FAR!!
Thank you to chrissy for details of her experiences.  Now, it’s time for YOU to participate.   Do you identify with what chrissy is saying?  I suspect that many of the straight submissive men will understand about the LURE of Female Power.  For the girly girls or femme girls, please tell Me (and us) about your experiences.  I love to hear ALL about you!
Ms Olivia
ps I know I didn’t answer the implicit question in the blog title.  I want to set it up first and have YOU answer that question…..What DOES it take to be a female submissive.  *gestures and smiles*  Please, talk amongst yourselves!