Your feminization needs to go further

I WILL make you my sissy bride and for that to happen your feminization needs to improve.  I am a sensual Mistress, in general, BUT sometimes a naughty sissy will need some strict feminization that includes sissy chastity.  After all, it is FUN to feminize a man and make you into the girly girl I want you to be for me.

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Sissy salon training

I get you up early; we have a busy day.  “You will wear THIS lingerie,” I say as I point to the lacy things.  Your eyes get very wide as you see the huge petticoat and frilly dress.  You start to shake your head and I say sternly, “You will be every inch the feminine girl, pet. Today is all about petticoat punishment and sissy training.”

Sissy is nervous

I know you’re nervous about what will happen today.  That’s understandable.  You’re even struggling a bit in those high heels with the locking ankle straps.  You almost stumble on the hem of you frilly gown but, don’t worry, I have your arm as I lead you to the car.

Mistress critiques your feminine behavior

As we walk into the Salon, I say to you, “I’ve noticed that you are not as feminine as you can be.  That needs to change.  I don’t mind the learning curve but I’m beginning to notice boorish male behavior.”  I roll my eyes as you gaze into my lovely face.  You see my lips begin to curve into a smile that is slightly cruel, “Today will be an adjustment day.”

Extreme sissy

In the salon you are in for a shock.  Instead of your modest makeup and elegant clothes I order a sort of sissy bimbo look.  You get long nail tips and glitter polish.  Your makeup is intense with long eyelashes and bright pink glossy lips.  Your hair is done in a big sissy bouffant.

Feminized and focused

As I lead you through various stores, you notice the looks from other people.  It is obvious that you are MY girl and I am in charge of you.  I turn to you and point out, “All of this will keep you focused on what we both want.”  After all, you know you want to be feminine and I am simply making you into the femme bride I want.  I can guarantee after your makeover there will be NO more tedious male behavior.

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia