Attention!  Get your sissy shaving on for summer!

Listen to me read you this sissy shaving tips blog post.

One of the things every Mistress needs to ask a sissy is … wait for it … are you SMOOTH?  I love to see a sissy all smooth and girly with that lovely, soft feminine skin.  That said, I know there are some of you that crave Mistress humiliation — of being a hairy guy in ladies lingerie —- that’s okay too because I love laughing at you!  But, for the rest of you … get ready for summer!

Sissy shaving

Nothing says sissy like a pretty puff of shaved hair perhaps dyed PINK!  ~giggles~  Now many of you can’t do the dye and that’s okay you can just paint your puff of hair with pink lipstick. It will wash off but you’ll experience your full sissyhood!  ~giggles~


If you can shave, I want you to try shaving in a hot bath with just a few inches of warm water.  This is great for first-time shavers.  If you feel more comfortable shaving in the shower, that’s great, just be extra careful.  Use lots of sensitive skin shaving lotion.  A gel is better (I think) than the white foam but you can see what you like.  Rise your razor often.  Use one of those razors with several blades.

Pull the skin you’re going to shave TAUT.  Shave small amounts of skin at a time.  Be VERY CAREFUL.  Make sure your skin is taut so you don’t nick yourself.  When you’re done, rinse off.  Wash and rinse the whole area again.  After you dry off, dust with powder to minimize irritation.  I’m more than happy to talk you through your shaving but all the variations are too many to write in one blog post.

Feel of feminine lingerie on smooth skin

Just wait until you feel your lingerie on your sensitive skin.  To celebrate, I think you need to complete this sissy shopping assignment.  It feels so feminine and very sexy!  Have you tried shaving?  What are your tips and stories?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia