Sissy thoughts

Listen to Mistress read you this sissy blog post.

Did you always know you were meant to be a sissy?  ~nods~  I know!  For a really long time you’ve sort of had these thoughts.  Here’s an example, you see a beautiful woman and you want to get in her panties … but YOU actually want to be in her panties, if you know what I mean.  ~laughs~

Sissification and feminization

These two things are similar but different.  There are lots of nuances to gender play and I know the difference between someone who is crossdressing, sissy or transgender. Feminization is taking a man and dressing him in women’s lingerie and clothes.  This might be for various reasons.  Sissification also does this … sure, it’s the clothing but it’s also a bunch of other things specifically related to sissies … especially my personal favorite, the naughty sissy.

Feminized crossdresser

You might also switch gender and sexual preference as part of the feminization process … or you might stay attracted to women but as a woman (which would make you a lesbian while en femme).


When you are into erotic humiliation, chances are your slut self will be ordered to suck something: a Mistress strap on, a dildo or a man’s cock.  And you will DO it!   So …. let’s do a sissy test.

Sissy test

Get a dildo.  Not just any dildo.  I want you to get a dildo that has a suction cup on the bottom.  Stick that dildo on the mirror and start sucking.  Look yourself in the eyes.  How do you look?  How do you feel? If your pansy panties are wet then you passed the test!

What’s next?  You’ll find out ….. when you call …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia