Are you ready for your sissy training?

Listen to my sissy training audio.

I have a particular lesson plan for the ladyboy that will service men.  Are you ready to take the sissy test?  If you think you pass the test, then you need to dedicate yourself to learning ladyboy skills.  Here’s an example of skills from my favorite sissy cocksucker.

How to be the best cock sucker

The perfect place to start is working to get the best cock sucking lips. Your lips are your calling card — it’s like placing an ad that you are ready to be submissive to masculine, handsome men.

Dress for SUCK cess

I dress you en femme and I make you kiss and hug a man … a real man.  Trust me, he’ll begin to do the rest.  He’ll push his big bulge up against you and ….. mmmmmmmmm …. part of your training will be taking his big cock inside your pussy.

Submissive en femme

There you go … part one and two of your sissy training.  Now, it’s up to you.  You will do best when you have private lessons tailored to you and my goals for you.  You WILL be such a great submissive to the Dominant men I choose for you.  This is a perfect match isn’t it?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia