Who is a slave to Mistress?

Listen to Mistress read you this blog post.

You’re probably familiar with the term foot slave and chastity slave is a common category.  But let’s talk about the nuances.  This is a hot button in kinky BDsm culture.  Some vanilla people don’t like the term slave … but just like a lot of fetish terms, the use of that word means something very different in kink culture.  There is not a “one size fits all” box for anything involving Power Exchange.

Slavery is the ultimate in power exchange

What is erotic slavery in fetish culture?  It is more than just submission.  A submissive is devoted to Mistress.  When a submissive identifies with being a slave to a powerful Woman then he or she goes to the next level of D/s play.

Obviously this is not actual slavery, this is consensual slavery as defined by D/s and fetish erotic play.  Just because it is, in reality, consensual doesn’t make it any less powerful in the hands of this Experienced Mistress.  The submissive who is asking for slavery wants and needs more control by Mistress and yearns for a level of play beyond the casual.

service to Mistress and ownership by Mistress

There is NO right way.  There is NO wrong way.  With anything involving power exchange the exact meaning of words and the play involved is created by the two people who are playing.  So, let’s create together and I know we will find the exact right expression of your submission.  After all, I am …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia