Phone sex caller asks Ms Olivia for help

The email from a phone sex caller continues.  You will read the next installment of his pleas for help from this Experienced Mistress. I’ll post more of his email and my thoughts in the coming days. Remember there are many types of sensual humiliation.

In the first part of his email he says he’s very upset about my blog post about what happens to sensitive guys with a small penis.  Hmmmmm, I bet that’s not the first time he’s felt the sting (and erotic arousal) of small penis humiliation.  Here’s a news flash, if you have a small dick get used to being teased, taunted and then …..


Mistress and the friend zone

So, the beginning of the email, he’s upset with my suggestions for sexy girlfriends of guys with small cocks.  Now, he wants my help with his hot girlfriend.  Here’s what he emailed:

You could talk to her Mistress. Not like in that terrible blog story of yours. No, but you could convince my hot girlfriend that being with me wouldn’t be so bad. Okay, it’s true, I don’t have much between my legs but I’m a very nice guy. I’m respectful, I’m a great provider and I can do all kinds of useful things around the house. As you said, I’m a sensitive guy.

Response to a guy with not much between his legs

Honey, I’m sure you’re a ‘catch’ in many ways.  I love that you say you’ll help around the house and be very respectful.  But, honestly, that’s a given these days.  Of course, you’re going to provide for her.  That’s also a given.  Now, to your penis size.  Want to know what ELSE is a given?


Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia