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Do you have a small penis?

Honey, if you have to ask if penis size matters then you undoubtedly have a small penis.

Seriously, YOUR penis size doesn’t matter because I’ve got real men around me.  I get what I need no matter what you have.  And, make no mistake about it….guys with small cocks are useful to a Mistress.

Ass and pussy worship

When you’ve got a small cock, then you DO have to *try harder* because you’re not going to GET any bigger!  ~laughs~  You are perfect for body worship.  Oh don’t get your hopes up, I don’t worship YOU, silly!  YOU will be taught how to worship me….and I might have you on ass and pussy worship detail.  Want to HEAR the details?  Hmmmmm?  I thought so and made this free erotic audio about ass and pussy worship.

What is a size Queen?

Like many beautiful women, this Experienced Mistress is a size Queen.  That means I do have minimum standards for cock size if I’m going to let you fuck me.  I am picky! And yes, penis size does matter!   But, since you asked your question so nicely you can read my full answer on the Dear Mistress page when I answer:  Does size matter?

submissive AND small dick

If you have a small dick and submissive tendencies, then we are both in for a treat!  You don’t have to have tiny cock to be a submissive, but if you do, it sure does increase my options!  ~laughs~  If you think you might be interested in BDsm and have some submissive tendencies, then you should check out one man’s submissive journey and follow my reports on the paces he will submit to his Mistress.

Tell me about you.  How did you feel while reading the blog post and …. NOW …. what do you want to do about it?  ~grinz~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia