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Mistress style: the most common phone sex question

The most common question I get is: Are you a strict Mistress or sensual Mistress?  I always have a playful reply, “Oh and do you think those are mutually exclusive?”  I am experienced.  I play in the face to face fetish scene.  All this means that I am also versatile.  Chances are you and I will find many fetish play ideas that we both enjoy —and  some erotic fun will likely be sensual or even vanilla! I’ve often said that vanilla is a legitimate flavor and vanilla sex is sweet and yummy.  Want to hear me read this blog post?  ** Listen to the Ms Olivia audio **

Sensual sexy voice with a bite

A recent blog on sissy humiliation got me thinking about this sexy topic of sensual, strict or creatively both for your erotic Femdom experience.  Remember, erotic humiliation is different from being impolite.  I even did an essay about how Mistress doesn’t mean bitch!

How do you like your phone sex?

What’s your flavor?  Vanilla?  Something with more bite to it?  Something that is sensually strict or even downright hardcore mean?  I’m always curious!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia