Ms Olivia says he gets to join our Stroke Club.

Listen to this as a free tease and denial audio.

I’m Ms Olivia and you can tell from this blog, Experienced Mistress that I’m loving all the playtime with my friend Ms Delia from Beg for Mistress.  We are started our stroke club planning while at the beach.  I said, I just LOVE a barefoot cock tease and Ms Delia said, I love ANY kind of cock tease!  We both laughed at that.  It’s true, we love cock control via phone sex AND in our personal lives.

Our new neighbor has NO IDEA what it was going to be like … but when we roll out the welcome wagon, we take this seriously!

We tease him AND we educate him in all the many and varied ways to masturbate.  Oh he just THINKS he knows how to masturbate.  We are sexy women so we don’t HAVE a dick but we’ve owned so many rock hard cocks WE are the experts, not him.  He is now beginning to grasp (pun intended) the full extent of that.

The stroke Club

Ms Delia and I had a long conversation about our sexy neighbor.  We decide that WE have a great time teasing him and he follows instructions well.  When we say, “Don’t cum, just stroke for us.”  He does it!  We have a new stroke pet!  We invite him into our Stroke Club.  

It’s kind of like a Bridge Club …. one where you have a DAMN GOOD HAND.  I wish I knew enough about bridge to say something about Queen high, but that’s poker. ~laughs~

After all that cock stroking training he’s got a good hand.

Do you have a good hand?  Want to have a BETTER hand?

Dial 1-800-601-7259 ask for Olivia, Delia or show us how HANDY you are by asking for us both!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia