Stroker bitch and the frenzied emails to Mistress

Listen to my voice tell you about the stroker bitch and the frenzied emails.

I adore this stroker bitch and look forward to his emails.  I asked him if it’s okay if I share some emails with you and he said yes.  So ….. here you go.  Can you relate to the thrill of a beautiful woman who captures you?  I know this is true:  control the cock, control the man!  ~laughs~  That’s one reason why I love creating that sense of … ahem … URGENCY … so that you are crazy horny!  Here are some of our emails which include things like my cock stroking instructions.

Meet my fap happy friend

Ms Olivia: “Stroke every day … for at least ((redacted)) for the next 2 weeks. Tell me what you’re doing and how long. Also, report back how you FEEL.

Stroker Pet: “So I started immediately after I read the email. I lubed up my cock and taint extra slick then started with long firm strokes ((redacted)) … Then I ((redacted)) until drops of precum started to drop down my fingers.  ((Redacted)  I used my fingertips to gently glide up and down and around my cock head until my cock started to twitch and swell.
I could feel the cum at the base of my cock just begging to escape. It felt so good my taint started to tingle.

Ms Olivia: Ohhhhhhhhh Don’t let that cum escape !!!!
I love that your taint is tingling !!!!!

Stroker pet: “This 2 weeks is gonna be torture lol…you’re such a lovely, evil bitch of a Goddess lol. But I love it.”

This blog is too long for one post — so look for part 2 tomorrow.  YEP, you get a doubleheader.  Okay, that pun was just too easy — sorry, had to say it.  I also suspect this might be the first time your cock gets hard when you hear the word: REDACTED.  ~laughs~

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia