Differences between submissive versus slave

Listen to me read you this blog about the difference between submissive versus slave.

I like to answer your questions.  I’ll answer pretty much anything you ask — you’ll hear what I mean if you listen to my Mistress Interview from the Intelligent Femdom Miss Constance.  If I’m not going to answer you I’ll tell you.  One topic I absolutely adore: newbie questions about BDsm.

submissive versus slave

This question came from Tumblr:

“Hi Mistress Olivia, Do you think a life of slavery is possible or is that just a fantasy of a submissive that could never happen? Do you view a slave as different than a submissive?”

That’s a great question.  One of the best things about kink and fetish play is that we are already outside of the norm so you would think that the kink community would be cool with all sorts of diversity in thought, style, and action.  Alas no.  The kink community is just like any other community.  Anything that involves human beings will have differences of opinion and judgment.  I say that to make sure you know that my thoughts are my own — others may differ or disagree and that’s okay.

What is power exchange?

Erotic slavery and submission both take place as part of power exchange.  I’ve done lots of blogs about power exchange.  Loosely speaking, a submissive voluntarily gives up power to the Dominant but still has “say” and “agency.” The sub can be a play date at a fetish party or a collared sub and still have rights and responsibilities of being in that role.

What is total power exchange or TPE?

Total power exchange is where one person gives up ALL power to the Dominant.  That’s just like it sounds.  Mistress chooses and decides everything.  Sounds like slavery, don’t you think?

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