Song writers, poets and other romantics have long written about the fine line between love and hate …. pain and pleasure …. and, of course, teasing and denial.  When I ask you to Stroke for Me you will give up your control.  Isn’t that a delicious feeling?  That feeling of letting go …. letting someone else be in charge.  I am a strong Woman in Charge … in charge of you, in charge of your cock, in charge of when (or IF) you can cum …THIS is what it is to be a FEMDOM … a Mistress … An Empress.  *giggle*

   And, for special someone’s it goes further …. instead of mere teasing, control, denial …. I, in MY wisdom, add SUFFERING.  Fetish phone sex is exquisite suffering …. I will write MORE on this shortly ….. but, for now, you must wait …. *giggle*

Unless of course, you want to call Me and find out the rest of the story right away …. if you do, there will be other ways to make you suffer when you call -1-800-356-6169.