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Summertime and White Panties

Do you like the look of sexy white panties?  I do.  It’s the perfect flash of white under a crisp white sundress or maybe inside a cute pair of short shorts.  Oh MY!  I just might have shorts that are so short that you can see My panties! 

Flashing Panties

In the summertime it’s especially easy to do something called the intentional flash of panties.  It’s a tease and a flirt and maybe even a denial!  Why?  ~laughs~  Because I can!

Tease and Denial

You and I both know that men crave cock control.  So this is a perfect way for both of us to play some wicked cock stroking and teasing games.  After all, you DO masturbate, don’t you?

Masturbation and You

Since you’re stroking that cock while you’re looking at this you probably know that masturbation is good for you.  Just how good?  ~laughs~  Well, you’ll just have to find out, won’t you?

Ms Olivia