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I was talking with My guy the other day …. he is a big fan of comics and he made the comment that it seems like kinky people are into the whole Super Hero scene. We were at a play party when he said that and sure enough, I looked around and there was all kinds of Super Hero stuff.  That got Me thinking.  Is there a link between a love of Super Hero’s and Fetish?

Super Hero Audios by Ms Bella

I started asking!  I know that cock tease and denial ‘might’ be considered a super power so I asked if any of the sexy Mistresses were comic book fans.  The lovely and talented Ms Bella sent Me this uber sexy link of the phone sex fetish girl and SUPER babe! I love Ms Bella’s voice and any of the free erotic audios from a Femdom Mistress here at LDW are amazing!

Poll results show a love of latex and fetish dressing!

70% of those who responded to the poll on our free adult networking site, Enchantrix Empire, said they have a love of BOTH!  Latex and those sexy Dominatrix type of outfits where a huge part of the appeal for many!  Andy the pervert said he used to draw Wonder Woman and then her boobs kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger!  ~laughs~

Speaking of getting bigger Ms Lauren and 2inchtall both mentioned super powers are perfect for a shrinking (or growing) fantasy!  I love the Giantess fetish fantasies!  2inchtall said it this way, “haha, love the idea of super hero’s or super heroines.  I like that i can connect it to my other fantasy which is the fact that they have giganta or elasti girl who can grow or the atom who can shrink down at whim and that lucky bastard got to ride around in wonder woman’s top in one of the episodes of justice league lol.”

I think the moral of THIS question as 2inchtall shows is there IS justice in the world!  ~laughs~

So ….. if you could have a super power what would it be?  If your Mistress could have a phone sex super power, what would THAT be?

Ms Olivia