HUGE reaction to the Super Hero’s and fetish post 🙂  Thank you!  I love all your comments and our conversations. I learn something new each day and I don’t just mean about all the creative ways to cause you sensual torment!  For example, I had a delightful conversation with Ms Lauren about how her erotic roleplays are inspired by comic geekiness!  Who knew?  ~laughs~

Now, I could easily see the fetish images in the costumes.  In fact, I could just imagine the whips and ropes being used for some serious cock control!  I love the thigh high boots and immediately think of My favorite foot fetish calls!  Those larger than life breasts are fodder for many a crossdressing sissy slut call!

One of My favorite lines came from magnus:  ” … the tvtropes site calls the ability for those buxom superheroines to squeeze into their tight costumes as the most common superpower. I rather like that. A lot.”

~laughs~  We ALL do, magnus My kinky friend!  I don’t think coffeeboy has YET recovered from the phrase sexy women in latex!

Fetish and classic archetypes of the epic journey

For all the fun and frolic, there are some classic themes here.  Wellspanked had a fantastic point:  “I think one of the biggest attractions for super heros is confidence. One common theme often used in comics is where the hero is struggling and it’s usually that they are doubting themself. It’s not until they gain some insight, or get inspired in some way that they get past the insecurity and win. So it relates to real people and real world challenges. If you doubt yourself and your abilities you struggle, no matter what they are. But if you have confidence and determination you can overcome anything. And I’ll add that for most people confidence is a big turn on (as long as it’s not arrogance).”

Playful confidence is sexy

I totally agree wellspanked that arrogance is not sexy.  Mark describes the conversations as banter, and compares it to what we do in the fetish play.  I never thought of that!  But, I love it.

Here’s what Mark pointed out,  ” … both of these super worlds seem to be full of a back and forth banter that is unmatched anywhere else on the planet. hero-villian-mistress-sub all have their roles… their fun exciting outfitted banter-filled roles with endless imagination.”

Speaking of banter….have I told you recently that these types of conversations and our banter is one of the things I most enjoy and the main reason I’ve made phone sex My career?  True!

This is from Hooterville Hank.  I HAD to post it in it’s entirety!

“They all got to be totally kinky. When I’m not having disturbing thoughts about Judy Jetson, I wonder what the kinks of the superheroes really are.

The Punisher (Marvel) Obvious male dom. Into impact play.  Probably not a switch.

Aquaman (DC Comics) Obvious watersports fetish.

Captain Commando (Japanese Comics) Not wearing underwear is a superpower?

Elongated Man (DC Comics) It is if you’re named Elongated Man.

Speedy (DC Comics) Surprisingly not as popular with the female superheroes as Elongated Man.

Blade (Marvel) Knife Play.

Big Bertha (Marvel Comics) BBW fetish.

Gravity Girl Amazing breasts at age 84.

Icemaiden (DC Comics) Super power is having the most kick ass divorce lawyer in Hooterville. Totally into financial domination. Totally. DO NOT be late with the alimony payment. Just saying.

Owlwoman (DC Comics) Who knows what her secret fetish is? I said who…oh never mind.

Crimson Curse (Marvel Comics) Some crazy “that time of the month” fetish. No one seems to be in a hurry to have this be the next superhero to be adapted for the big screen. And certainly not in 3D.

She-Thing (Marvel Comics) Shemale fetish. Momentarily stuns villains by whipping out the She Thing when they least expect it. Actually would like to see this one on the big screen and most definitely in 3D.

3D Man (Marvel) Nobody knows what his fetish is but he charges $3 extra for you to see it.

Freakshow (Marvel) Yeah… he’s definitely calling in on the taboo line.

Maggott (Marvel) You’re a superhero and you call yourself Maggot? Here you go buddy…

Feedback (Marvel) Filling out comment cards is a superpower?

Iron Fist (Marvel)  Not my kink but it works for a lot of people.  Start slowly for best results.

Once again, after reading that, I’m laughing so I’ll close it here.  Kisses, pinches and swats to you ALL!

Ms Olivia