I have a great sissy trap

Listen to me read you all about my sissy trap.

I know you’re sneaking into my dressing room and wearing my pretty, feminine lingerie.  I just got back from a trip … a day early … and you m’dear think you’re still alone in the house. Ahhhhh, no!  You are going to be caught in panties!  I know some of you are curious about wearing panties for Mistress.

My panties and your feminization

I’ve been leaving my panties all over the place … simply to tempt you into exploring your feminity. I’ve decided to set a sissy trap because it is time that you fully embrace your true girly nature.

Full feminization

Your true nature is to be fully feminized.  I’m not stopping with just panties … or panties and a bra … or even adding a garter belt and stockings.  Oh no, you need WAY more than that!  I’m going to do your makeup — sultry eyes, long sexy lashes, and lush, full lips —- mmmmmmm, kissable lips!  Oh and HAIR!  You’ve got to have beautiful feminine hair … oh that soft blonde mixed with ginger is YOUR color.

Girly girl love

Now, being a sissy might mean that you will be with men … but not necessarily.  I know that I get HOT when I’m dressing you so I might just introduce you to the pleasures of being a lesbian crossdresser.  Of course, the erotic pleasure might not be exactly what you expect.  If we’re going to get married, you will get a diamond engagement ring AND a chastity cage … being locked up will make you fully concentrate on your femininity — which is what I expect!

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms. Olivia