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Mistress has you in chastity

You know that Mistress enjoys turning you into my personal sex toy.  Sometimes that means I put you in chastity and you are cock locked … this is VERY exciting cock control because you stay horny and you can’t do anything about it!  ~grinz~  Would I do that to you?  Why YES I would!

A surprise from your Mistress

I firmly believe that simply locking you in a chastity cage isn’t enough.  You must earn your release.  You must submit to Mistress.  You must endure all of my wicked cock teasing.  ALL of these things make Mistress wet … and that puts me in my Mistress happy place!  So, every so often I will tease that cock and then …. ohhhhhhh, are you ready for this?  Take that chastity device OFF!

Amazing erection when the chastity comes off

One thing I like is how you …. ahem … spring to attention when I take your chastity cage off!  It’s automatic!  Chastity device off equals rock hard fucking erection.  ~grinz~  You body is saying, “I’m FREE, I’m FREE!”  And then your mind begins to fully realize the importance of being released from chastity.  You can’t help but immediately think about being allowed an orgasm.  THIS is where my my wicked mindfuck cock teasing ways really come (pun intended) into play.

Oh yes, you get a cock stroking reward

I wrap my hand around your cock, smiling at you and watching your reaction.  And my oh my your reaction is priceless!  Because I know what’s coming …. or not coming as the case may be.  I tell you, “ohhh I’m going to do the cock stroking until you are allowed to cum.”  And you ARE allowed to cum, but right as you begin to moan and gasp and spurt, I take my hand off that cock.  I smile at you, ” Ahhh, I do so love a ruined orgasm!”  Then I put you back into chastity.