What is a ruined orgasm?

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He finds out about the ultimate tease and denial the hard way … literally!  A ruined orgasm is when you are so hard and horny you can’t stop your orgasm … BUT you don’t have your hands on your cock.  It’s a touch less orgasm and it sometimes happens when you’re doing intense T&D by this Experienced Mistress. You see examples of the masturbation instructions here on my blog.  Of course, private lessons in cock stroking are always more intense as is the case of this stroke pet!

Tease and denial instructions

If I own your cock I might give you cock stroking instructions between calls.  I did that with this delightful stroke pet.  Oh oh!  Here’s what he says:

I did this continually,” stroke till you want to cum & stop!!” Trust Me; You need to stop when you have that feeling!!

Almost 1 hour later of doing this same stroking & stopping just in time; I found myself ready to cum, regardless of holding back & knowing I was going to cum; I then let go of my cock completely!! (You try this too) My cock spurted & I didn’t feel like I came as I didn’t touch it AT ALL while I was cumming. I knew I came & felt like I didn’t at the same time!! Ruined Orgasm!!!

I must thank You Mistress Olivia for your help & training. I’m owned by You & Am Greatfull!!!

When I ruin your orgasm

Sometimes you know you want a ruined orgasm or maybe a prostate milking.  Some of you know the submissive thrill of having your orgasm ruined. But, for other people, this becomes the latest in your cock ownership by …

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia