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Have you been reading about the fantastic chastity questions sent by Ms Constance.  This Intelligent Femdom has a series of interviews on her blog that starts with The Dicktator Ms Cassandra.  Personally, I have loved reading all the cock locked interviews with the different Mistresses.  Of course, there are similarities but you can see differences in how each Femdom approaches the thrilling power exchange dynamic of the ultimate in cock control.

Here are the chastity interview questions answered by Ms Constance herself, it’s in two parts so read both blog posts.  Here is some general information about chastity phone sex.

Now, to the sweet email sent by a man new to chastity.  His chastity cage finally arrived by mail!  ~grinz~  Cock locked for Mistress!

Hello Mistress,

I just writing to say a huge thank you!
Thanks for giving me the confidence to explore greater into the realms of orgasm denial. Thank you training me! Thank you for everything 🙂
You’re so great in every call we ever did, so strict yet sensual and always knew just how to tease me properly.
I’m sure you’re told all the time how great you are, judging by how busy your phone line is, but I truly do appreciate everything you’ve done 🙂
My chastity belt has finally come and that would not have been able to happen without your loving help and input 🙂
I look forward to speaking again soon,
Your number 1 fan,
Are you ready to experience some really serious tease and denial orgasm denial training?

Your Experienced Mistress,

Ms Olivia